Our Vision

The continuing globalization of higher education is inevitable in an ever-interconnected and interdependent mobile world. HKU is strategically situated in China with qualities and attributes required by the international academic community. The dynamic HKU campus is a fertile ground to foster future leaders with global acumen while committed to upholding the plurality of the Hong Kong society and its distinctiveness. Not only are we providing opportunities for our students and staff in Hong Kong, we are preparing them to apply their talents and to be successful anywhere. 

As articulated in the document "Asia's Global University, HKU: the next decade, our vision for 2016 -2025" viz. "3+1 Is": Internationalisation, Innovation, and Interdisciplinarity converging to create Impact, "Internationalisation" is not an end in itself but a path to augment University's core mission. To do so, we will synergise our rich Mainland and international strengths, experiences, and networks to augment opportunities for everyone in teaching & learning, research, and knowledge exchange. We are commited to diversity, inclusiveness, and dispersing the benefit of internationalisation locally and globally. 


Establish HKU as a Major Global Knowledge Node

Leverage HKU assets and talents with local, Mainland, and international partners to tackle regional and global challenges while ensuring campus relevance, academic excellence, sustainability, and local connectedness


Outcome Measures:

Number and quality of joint publications and grants

Number of engaged HKU academic staff and students

Number of private and/or public collaboration and knowledge exchange (including licensing) 


  • Establish HKU Shenzhen Hospital (SZH), HKU Shenzhen Institute of Research and Innovation (SIRI), HKU Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation (ZIRI), and HKU Shanghai Study Centre (SSC) as HKU’s regional knowledge hubs by attracting local and international partners around thematic areas of HKU’s strengths  (i.e., Greater Bay Area: innovation, tech, health, marine ecology; Huadong Region: culture, arts, commerce, urbanisation; Western China: poverty reduction, education)
  • Identify key PIs as content drivers and change agents
  • Cultivate Strategic Partnerships with ML and international universities and industry 
  • Seed funding to initiate collaborations
  • Diversify nature of activities including self-financing programs
  • Establish flexible HR policy on staff mobility
  • Establish mechanisms to navigate cross-boarder regulations
  • New KPI and effort allocation model
  • Sustainable business and financial model
  • Promotion and outreach

Enhance Students’ Life-Long Learning

Promote global mindedness by augmenting international learning opportunities in HK, Mainland and elsewhere while enhancing campus diversity and ensuring a strong sense of community.


Outcome Measures:

HKU students’ ML and international exposure to fulfill our "100% 1 Mainland + 1 international” commitment

Number and entrance credentials of Mainland and international students

Learning outcome and campus surveys


  • Diversify and increase the number of learning programmes with a substantial international component
  • Enhance financial assistance for admission, inbound and outbound mobility activities
  • Cultivate strategic partnerships with key secondary and tertiary schools for recruitment
  • Amplify campus activities to promote diversity awareness, empowerment, and mutual respect
  • Establish a set of core competencies for students and staff

Amplify Global Reputation

Enhance HKU visibility as an internationally-recognized institute of higher education


Outcome Measures:

Alumni participation in university programmes

Regional and international societal impact

Repetitional surveys and ranking.




  • Enhance alumni engagement
  • Groom staff and student ambassadors 
  • Enhance institutional goodwill
  • Augment global presence and visibility
  • Active engagement with private and public sectors to deliver societal impact

Mainland Strategy

We aspire to be “Asia’s Global University” and our efforts in Mainland China have resulted in positive outcomes in research, teaching, and outreach.  Going forward, we set our bars even higher and our sights further.