We take pride in our students

They are talented and passionate in tackling grand challenges of our world today. We are committed to providing new opportunities locally and globally for them to put this talent to work.

Faces of the Future

Almost a century ago, we welcomed our first international student. Now, students from all four corners of the world come to our campus, each with their own unique reasons. 

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    Diversity, prestige and location. Simply put Hong Kong is the most well suited to make East Asia accessible for the world, it is a free port meaning it allows a freedom of ideas not present elsewhere and it allows you to meet people from so diverse nationalities. It is likely day to day you will see at least 50 nationalities every day.

    George Woolven

    United Kingdom

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    Hong Kong is where East meets West, where you can get exposure to both. At HKU, for most of the degrees, you could do double majors and a minor. Yes, you could do Accounting and Psychology with a minor in Japanese Studies! I am doing Psychology with minors in Geography and Human Resource Management.

    Vanessa Liu


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    Being part of HKU allows me to capitalize upon opportunities that extend not only to academics but as far as sports, music and socializing. Through these activities I interact and make friends with who come from diverse backgrounds. By engaging myself through these, I have learned to proactively reach out for opportunities.

    Kang Yoonsik


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    The professors at HKU are top notch.  All of my professors are very passionate about their work.  My “Chinese Cultural Revolution” professor constantly challenges the class to critically think about history.  All of my journalism professors have been actual reporters, so they teach from their experiences. 

    Anna Gustafson


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    HKU has given me a memorable experience – not only was I able to explore my various passions in art, design, architecture, and photography, I also had the chance to help out with different volunteer work which have made my stay here more meaningful and worthwhile.

    Stephanie Chan

    Hong Kong

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    After high school I wanted to broaden my horizons, experience something new and different. Given the region's cultural appeal, I was especially interested in East Asia. Thanks to its geographical location at the heart of Asia and international atmosphere with English as the medium of instruction, I finally chose to study at HKU.

    Timo Heinonen


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    I am always eager to meet new friends and learn from different perspectives, to broaden my horizon. Since HKU is one of the top universities, I am sure that I can meet the best people here, which is a way that I can improve myself and learn from them.

    Thitaporn Kornubrabhan


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    There is always this sense of prestige and delight inside me on being part of the HKU family. This place provides me not only with mentors who are at the top of their field who motivate me to progress academically, but also with a vibrant social setting where I am able to make friends from different cultural backgrounds.

    Mohith Mukund Verma



Students, parents, and career counsellors value what HKU can offer in education and personal growth. Our application figures continue to rise as reputation continues to spread globally.

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A Glimpse of Our Curriculum

Our curriculum embodies a global outlook.  Two of our four Common Core Areas of Inquiry enable all undergraduate students to learn more about “Global Issues” and “China: Culture, State, and Society”.  Double Degree Programmes enhance student learning by taking full advantage of what HKU and partner institutions have to offer.  Our online courses allow students from all over the world to experience HKU education in an ever interconnected world.

Opportunities Abroad

Through our extensive partnership network in more than 40 countries, HKU offers more than 3,500 HKU students the experience of studying abroad on semester-long or year-long exchanges, summer programmes and other opportunities including internship and experiential learning.

International Student Exchange

HKU Summer Institute

China Vision

Overseas Internship

Campus Experiences

Just like in Hong Kong, students can experience a diverse range of international and intercultural activities on campus through societies, clubs, experiential learning, research fellowships, internships, hall activities and mentorships. These opportunities provide daily interactions and learning experiences while preparing our students to acquire a global outlook and competency.

Student Support

We provide a continuum of support to students in their learning journey, before and after they set foot on our campus.